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Eurisco Consulting is an engineering start-up that provides multi-disciplinary Calculation and Analysis Services in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), as well as Engineering Consultation services to industries operating in the Naval, Offshore, Aeronautical, Automotive, Environmental, Biomedical, Civil / Building sectors.

We are specialized in the realization and analysis of simulations of thermo/fluid-dynamic systems using CFD. Our expertise and resources for conducting these types of simulations allow us to tackle systems of any complexity and nature, thus enabling our customers to predict the dynamics of fluids acting in their systems.

CFD simulations allow a designer to:

  •  Optimize and improve a product before its implementation;

  •  Identify the causes of anomalies that can, and do occur, to a product during real-world scenarios; 

  •  Provide effective solutions to correct design and manufacturing errors.

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