The Quality, Reliability and Profitability of your product are 

the targets of our work.

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CFD simulations are currently the most advanced tool to calculate and understand the dynamics of fluids in a system.

Here are only some of the  advantages that CFD analysis can give to your product:

- Quality. The CFD analysis of a system improves its quality by revealing phenomena that would otherwise be difficult or nearly impossible to predict conventionally. Once you have gained an in-depth understanding of the processes, it is then possible to make increasing optimisations of the efficiency and the level of product innovation.

- Reliability. The CFD simulations allow you to really understand and visualize the physics of flow at work on your product. It is not uncommon for people new to CFD to remain amazed at what really goes on in a thermodynamic flow scenario. CFD analysis removes the risks associated with intuitive design and gives you and your customers the certainty, and therefore the confidence, that the product works the way il was designed to work.

- Profitability & Cost Reductions: Thanks to CFD analysis our customers see a noticeable reduction in the direct and indirect costs of the life-cycle of their product. Since CFD simulations are completely software based, there is no need for the longer and more  expensive iterations of physical prototyping; all the kinks can be smoothed out computationally, ensuring the first prototype is already the best one: the CFD will save you time and money.

Below is a list of the main types of analyses that Eurisco Consulting provides:

  • Resistance & Self-Propulsion Test
  • Open water propeller test
  • Seakeeping & Manoeuvring (up to 6 degree of freedom)
  • Roll damping
  • Ship design evaluation 
  • Hull & appendages optimisation 
  • Response in waves and comfort analysis
  • Analysis of interaction between propeller-hull and under-water-exhaust-gas - New!
  • External aerodynamics
  • Aerodynamic design of Wind Turbin - New!
  • Virtual Testing approach (coupling CFD  and FEM methods)  - New!

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